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The entrance of Stache looks like #NightmareOnElmStreet 3 (at Stache, 1920’s Drinking Den)

Show tonight in Fort Lauderdale

Show tonight in Fort Lauderdale

Lobo Marino at The Embassy in Miami, Jan 18th 2014

Cheers! (at Blackbird Ordinary)

Cheers! (at Blackbird Ordinary)

at Biscayne Bay

Alien 3 in 15 lego seconds. #stopmotion #alien3 #lego #alien #horror #scifi #fury161 #fiorina161 #theythinkwerecrudandtheydontgiveafuckaboutonefriendofyoursthatsdied

Where The Wild Things Tour: Jay’s Journal


Day 1: We ate the worst Denny’s ever, watching scrambled basic cable, giggling and drinking Heineken at a roach motel in NorthEast Florida.


Day 2: Stopped in Savannah, Georgia and split a Stone Crab Dinner. Waited for this ship to go by to get dollar ship shots. 

i95 looks the same from Jacksonville through to North Carolina, and the rest stop attendants don’t seem to like me in the south. 

In Virginia now, where the trees are taller. Drinking Belgian White Shock Tops and having Hot Pockets for dinner at a Baymont Inn. 

Tomorrow we arrive in New York City!


Night 3: Partied hard in Bushwick and Williamsburg!

This is my new friend Jen. Her favorite horror flick is Susperia. 

The bar that served pizza with beer saved my life. 

First Bluejay show tonight at Goodbye Blue Monday in Bushwick!


Night 4: First show! So much love in NYC. 

We met up with Sam for lunch and watched a baseball game in the park. Everyone in New York has style and some streets feel like walking through a fashion magazine. 

Saw lots of familiar faces at the show and met some awesome peeps. Our friend Tanya played a solo set that blew me away, alternating between guitar songs and viola songs that reminded me of Bjork’s live string performances. You can find her tunes here: VulpesVulpes. I got a few of her albums to bring back to Miami.

After the show we jammed on a rooftop that had playground-type stuff so I climbed around like a monkey and we thumbed our way through some covers like TLC’s “Silly Ho”. We ate grocery store sandwiches as the sun rose.

We’ve been playing without setlists but here are the songs I remember playing:

Tallahassee Song
Burnin’ Soul
The Promise (When In Rome cover)
Bruisey Brookie
Oblivion (Grimes cover)
Garden Girl
To The End Of The Map > Boogeyman


Day 5: A grueling 6 hour walk through Manhattan on very little sleep because Oscar wanted to see Times Square, which feels like being stuck inside a television set. 

Again, pizza saved my life, although I haven’t eaten any pizza that lives up to the hype of “New York pizza”.

Tonight’s show is a private party in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. 



6: Now we’re really in the thick of it. 

Got out of NYC.

Stopped and swam in a river in Pennsylvania. Enchanting.

Went to a comic book shop near the house we were to play at. We’ve stopped at 3 comic book shops so far upon my request. JoJo thought the guy there was hot although I didn’t think it was possible for straight girls to get randy for comic book dudes. Invited them to our show but they didn’t come.

Headed to the house show and to my welcome surprise they were horror fans with lots of horror accoutrements about the house. ::horror talk::

Peeps in Stroudsburg are way cool. Laid back and friendly and funny. 

We played our creepy songs. Added Ouroboros and Love Me.

( A clip of us playing Grimes’ *Oblivion*: )

Lobo Marino’s set culminated in a hand out of percussion instruments and I had total ego-loss and felt amazing. 

Eric Funn took off all his clothes for his set of wild sleazy-horn full-band sexy island small town fuck-me music. 

A small slip-n-slide was erected after the show and we got to see what kind of (Eric Funn)derwear everyone was wearing.



7: Woke up at Eric Funn’s place, went to the grocery store and got ingredients to make pizza bread. Beat *Sonic the Hedgehog 3 + Knuckles* as Tails but didn’t acquire the last 2 Super Emeralds. Recorded a live take of *Burnin’ Soul* for Eric’s cassette series. Also recorded *Tallahassee Song* and *To The End Of The Map*. ( *Burnin’ Soul*: ) 

Headed to Philly and dropped our gear at the venue, before embarking on a journey to eat a Philly Cheesesteak. We got one but it was just sorta okay almost not really.

Becky at The Random Tea House procured for us a ginger and dark rum drink special - yum!

We played the *Loving Girls and Loving Boys / Batty Boy* diptych live for the first time. 

I fell in love with the artist Lauryn Peacock. Her solo keyboard set with chorus pedal and occasional guitar moved me. I had to hold back tears a couple times because her music was so gorgeous and emotional. She played a cover of Joni Mitchell’s “My Old Man”. I told her I was her new biggest fan and traded CDs with her. 

Pizza arrived during the groovy chill Outside Eyes set - yum! I fed a little to Princess Izzy the Adorable, a chipper black and white Boston Terrier. 

Tomorrow: Lancaster, Pennsylvania.




8: Woke up in Philly, 6 of us snuggled in the one room of a 3 story place that had air conditioning.

Went to Grind Core House and had a vegan sandwich - yum!

Walked the streets, another comic book shop — Where have all the Aliens action figures gone in the world??

Drove through the perfectly manucured green hills of Lancaster listening to the new Mayday album. 

Played old school games in KiKi's parent's pool, outside next to a massive corn field.

Went for a few local beers and headed to the venue. At this point we are hard pressed not to harmonize and sing along to Lobo Marino’s entire set. Luckily, they have been culminating in a chant-jam where we pass out instruments and sing the call-backs in the audience. 

The other band was a duo called *The Process Of…*, a “D.I.Cry” band that played guitar and drum machine with talkative samples. I’m not sure if they know that they are comedic geniuses. Had us cracking up between songs and sometimes during. I’ll have to highlight them when we put some tour footage together, for it is hard to describe their unique angle of self-deprecating humor.

Partied afterwards with jams about cabbage, cats, and poop; then talked about PJ Harvey, Differentness versus Oneness of the universe, and Jameson’s expulsion from seminary.

Started a game of Pokemon Pearl, named my rival “BigDick”, and fell asleep.

Tonight’s show: Baltimore, Maryland.


Amish Honey.
Hot boys.
Sci-fi bar.
Early Show.
Fake(?) secret admirer texts from Brandon Uhas.
Salad and Frozen Pizza.
Phone call from Alex.
Horror movie with
Melissa Joan Hart.
Zombie Nightmare.
Monsters that can only be invited in Nightmare.



10: Still want to update each day of the tour but i have to abandon the *stream of consciousness / what i did* style because at this point it doesn’t represent the way i’m feeling the tour. 

Right now I’m feeling deep gratitude to the people allowing me to have this experience. Everything about traveling to play music is about the human experience — how we communicate, how we sing, how we write in preparation, how we eat, how we groom, everything. 

I am feeling *art* as….. an exchange? Or, the *way* we choose to go through our passage of life, particularly in relation to other people.



11: Richmond — so much love!


12: Lobo brought us to a river. 

In the beginning I didn’t have the hang of it and got knocked down, holding onto a rock for dear life the way cartoon characters hold onto a pole in a storm. I watched my unopened can of beer fly from my shorts and float down the river. 

Then I got a better understanding of footing through a river, went out to a big rock on my own, and had a little solo vocal jam with myself.


13: I am in an Octagon-shaped abode in the woods of North Carolina listening to Pink Floyd’s *Animals* on vinyl…


14,15,16(today): Whoops i fell off the update train for a minute!

We played our last show last night in Boone, North Carolina. There’s a cool breeze up here in the mountains.

Before that, in Greensboro we met up with my friend Jeremy who i’d never never met in real life (after an online music friendship of over 3 years!). He was lovely as expected. He’s also a piano prodigy and Tori Amos fan, soafter our show we had the most epic Tori Amos jam — i can’t even put it into words — my soul was on fire.

After Greensboro we came here to Boone, and trekked up Emerald Mountain to an abandoned Oz theme park. I’m a huge Oz fan and have read all the books (currently reading the Marvel comic book adaptations), so stepping through those Emerald doors and seeing the yellow brick road was breathtaking. And we were all alone, so my imagination went wild. Pics to come.

Our last show had, without a doubt, our smallest audience of the tour, so we got silly and told stories and prodded back and forth with Lobo Marino. My friend Julie came and it was a pleasure to see her.

Now we are Miami-bound! I’ve learned a lot on this tour and all of us could have easily kept touring for a long time. It’s good to know that i truly do love what i’ve been hoping to do for so long, travel and play music. I’ve met so many luminous generous friendly positive people on this tour, and I can’t wait to do it again! 

Thanks to everyone who made this possible. Lobo Marino for taking us under their flipper and teaching us the ways of the road (love y’all so much!). All the friends, old and new, for giving us a place to lay our heads after shows, and to all of y’all reading my posts and taking part in my journey.

LEGO Nostromo from Alien.

LEGO Nostromo from Alien.

Tik Tok of Oz. 

Tik Tok of Oz.